Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tesfest 2009

Top Ten Fun Tesfest Happenings:

1. Getting staked to the lawn and tormented by Zelda and Uncle Marty.
2. Having my clothes cut off during a scene.
3. Getting to fuck Rita Seagrave at the non-bio gang bang. (What a hot bunch of women!)
4. Getting to kiss Rita at the gang bang. I think I actually enjoyed the kissing more.
5. Watching Naylon and his smoking cigar play on the patio.
6. Buying Boymeat at the Celebrity Auction for Zelda's Anniversary present.
(Three years! Which is fifteen in BDSM years.)
7. Giving Nix a self-suspension lesson.
8. Caning Zelda and then throwing her down on the floor to make out.
9. Getting an Uncle Marty spanking!
10. Winning the plaid short green kilt skirt at the auction for $40 bucks. Hilton tells me that skirt screams "spank me!"

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Feminist Pornographer said...

Wow, that all sounds very fun