Monday, July 13, 2009

Boston Fetish Flea Market

I hadn't been to Boston in years and I was really looking forward to going there. The only time in fact that I'd ever been was years ago on a trip with the Girl Scouts.

Boston is clean. It's a really clean, attractive city yet the parking situation is horrible. Most parking spaces are reserved for the residents. Blocks and blocks are marked for resident parking stickers only. If I went back, I would negotiate the city differently.

The weather was great. I'd heard stores about the "meltorama" where the flea market was being held. The morning was cold and clear and as a result the unairconditioned market wasn't too warm. I loved the industrial bathroom. Exposed copper piping ran across brick walls and worn wooden beams added to the textures in the room.

There were a total of 4 rope vendors at the event. My sales were solid, but not anything out of the ordinary for what I would expect from a one day show. I'd go back. My purchase of the day was a silicone dildo in the shape of an octopus tentacle. Lindsey found an "I love anal" pin and promptly attached it to her shirt. I laughed as my "rope bitch" urged shoppers to buy my rope as she told them I was saving up for a kidney transplant.

I did a demo, which was lots of fun, and got t0 tie up two cute redheads. I swear I had them both done in 15 minutes flat. A few girls came by the booth wanting breast harnesses and buying the rope after the demo. Lots of newbies were buying their very first pieces of rope. I also ran into previous customers, some from Shibaricon and some from Dark Odyssey events.

Friday night we cheaped it out in a Motel 6 just outside the city limits. Saturday luxury awaited us as I had prepaid for a room at Le Meridian, one of the nicer hotels in Cambridge. I paid the fat hotel parking fee. I wasn't going to let thousands of dollars of rope sit out on the sidewalk. We were informed that as two queen beds weren't available I'd been upgraded to a suite with a King bed and a convertable queen size bed.

I also indulged at dinner at the Rendezvous just a few blocks away. Oysters, Bluefish, Fava Beans and Gnocchi were all great choices accompanied by the Italian white wine. I'm terrible at remembering the wines I ordered. I have however realized picking wines that sound like Porn Stars is not the way to go. Ahem, Rodney Strong.

I also discovered that Lindsey's bar tab might actually be worse than Jefferson's. Midnight brought an invasion of the minibar searching for gin and tonic. My crackberry roomate sent me down the hall in my nightie to get ice. "You, you sex thing, you're hot, you go out in the hall and get the ice." Twittering and emailing and talking away, she mutters, " I'd kill my mother for a lime." I shake my head and finish running credit cards on the computer while she finishes the port I brought upstairs from the bar. We talk and talk and talk, but eventually we tire out.

Some how we're hungry again and stuff our faces at the hotel buffet. We drive around Boston a bit as I want to get a feel for the city and see the harbor. We realize we're never going to find a parking space anywhere near the art Museum we want to see and decide to head home.

I think I could spend two weeks there, easy.

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Lynsey said...

I also discovered that Lindsey's bar tab might actually be worse than Jefferson's.

Wow. That's a low blow. (And you misspelled my name!)

But I'll still be your rope bitch any time.