Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Four Strand Bavarian Blond

I'm so happy that I'm buried in raw hemp rope again. It took me months to find a new distributor after Ecolution fizzled out of rope. I still don't know what happened with them exactly, but I knew it was time to go on the hunt for alternative suppliers. I NEVER want to be dependent on just one supplier ever again.

My hemp rope drought ended in March. The four strand Bavarian shipped in from Munich on a Friday and the following Monday I was struggling to drag in hundreds of pounds of European hemp rope off my front porch. What a relief! I had 9 orders waiting to be filled and I got right to work.

In the above picture, the raw Bavarian is on the top of the pile. I was awed by how clean and pristine it is in it's raw, untreated stage. I processed it, (the lower pile on the left) and It truly is the nicest, most buttery soft, supple and delicious hemp rope I've ever had my hands on.
I'm offering it for $1.50 foot at Black Phoenix's Boot Camp on April 18th. For those of you who know how much this rope sells for on other sites, this is a really great deal. I'm tempted to keep most of it for myself, but business comes first.
The coils of rope on the bottom are 8mm on the left and 6mm on the right. The 8mm has a very golden color. Well, for those who thought you can't get 8mm, I have quite a bit.

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Lynsey said...

I want this rope because, although I am not Bavarian, I am blonde.