Monday, July 14, 2008

Rub a Dub Dub

I kiss him hello and immediately begin to undo his vest and shirt buttons. I pull his shirt off and drape it over a chair. Next I unfasten his belt buckle and pull the belt out from his black jeans. Getting down on my hands and knees, I untie his dusty shoelaces. One at a time I pull each shoe off as he lifts each foot. Smelly socks from a long hard day add to the pile. Unzipping his pants, I pull them down as he steps out of them. Now he was clad only in boxers.

I start the bath water and go to get him a beverage. He teases me about forgetting "something". I smile and remove the boxers. Organic milk bath was added to the warm water as he climbs in the tub. I pull off my top and shorts and climb in with him. We sit facing each other as I begin washing his arms and chest. Each arm was washed gently as well as his chest. Shampoo was lathered over his head and beard. He closes his eyes with pleasure as warm water washes over his head and chest. I scrub legs and feet next, playfully grabbing his bobbing cock.

Washing myself is next. Sliding backwards, I extend my legs upon his chest with my feet at his ears. "Oh, Susie's getting comfortable," he remarks. We talked and lounged this way until the water began to cool. I wished we could fuck right there in the tub. I wished we didn't have to worry about condoms and could just go ahead and do it right there in the water.

Stepping out of the tub first I grab my favorite towel and began to dry him off, top down to his feet. Rubbing under his ass and balls I got down and took his cock in my mouth. A nice, wet clean cock is lovely right after a bath.

We headed for the bed and tuck in for a nap. I felt myself getting wetter and wetter, feeling more sensitive as I wait for the fuck I know will come later. Wrapping into each other I do my best to take a much needed nap.

I awake and face him, feeling for his dick. It was rock hard and waiting for me. I scoot down between his legs and begin to suck and lick and enjoy my "treat."
I gave it some time down there before sprawling full body on top of him. I sit up and got on his cock. I gasp as he enters me and settle down. He pumps up into me for some time until we switch positions and I get on my hands and knees.

He grabs hold of my ass and begins to work his cock inside me fucking me vigorously. I grab onto the headboard for support. He slaps my ass as he continues to pound me. He starts to tickle my feet and I let him know I want that.

He loves to tickle. In the beginning, I really had no great desire to be tickled. Now as time goes on I have learned to crave it. I love the pleasure it gives him. But more, I now want it. Especially when we're fucking. Especially the bottoms of my feet. I swear I have another g-spot in the middle of my right foot. It sends me over the moon.

He's still fucking away and I've come twice already. I'm sure I've said "Oh God" a dozen times already. It's a fine hard cock he's working into me. I collapse on the bed and he falls out of me. I get back up and position my ass back in the air. He reenters me and keeps going. I've hit a new plateau of pleasure and he announces he's ready to come. Grabbing onto me even tighter he plows in as deep as he can.

We curl into a cuddle. He stays in bed as I go make our dinner. I throw a top on, but wander about bare assed.

Later, after we've eaten I take stock. I gave him a bath,a nap, a blow job,a fuck and a meal. I've given him my utmost attention and care. It's a lovely afternoon and evening. I didn't want to go out. I wanted to relax and stay in and just be together.
Umm, nice, it was very nice.

So now, reliving, rethinking yesterday, I find I am unbelievably horny again.

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