Saturday, July 12, 2008

Other Women

I've finally had time in the last few days to spend some time on the computer simply to read blogs and generally amuse myself. As a result, I've added four blogs to my list. What compelled me to add them? One of the reasons I have a blog roll is for my own convenience as I use it to read the blogs I'm interested in.

The four I've chosen are intelligent, interesting and pithy; containing substance one can viscerally sink ones teeth into. I find their voices clear and meaningful. I get tired of trying to read that which is all flowery curlicues or simply the effort of one trying too hard instead of just allowing a natural voice to emerge.

Always Aroused Girl always seems to have something interesting to say and its well written to boot.

Calico not only has a waist that Scarlett O'Hara would envy, she has a brain and a sense of humor to add to her attractions.

Marcelle may look sweet, young, innocent and pretty (I met her once at one of Viviane's Tea Parties) but in Sexegesis her writing takes on a maturity and edge that belies her seemingly soft exterior.

The Debauchette is uncannily well informed and speaks of areas in the sex industry I know little about. One comes away feeling they've actually learned something.


Tom Paine said...

Wanted to leave Marcelle a "lovely legs" shout-out, but her blog doesn't accept comments from non-team members.

Hey, can I be on the team? LOL

Calico said...

Thanks for including me, and saying such sweet things!

It was a pleasure to finally meet you at TESFest.

Marcelle Manhattan said...

I actually just saw this, as I've been on hiatus for some time. Just wanted to thank you for your kind words. It was great to meet you as well!